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SunM Color

SunM Color


Printed works produced by SunM Color have won many awards for printing, book design, and photo collections. As representative examples, here we present works that have won the Kimura Ihei Award, the Japanese Book Design Award, and the Innovation Print Award.

Kimura Ihei Award

Kimura Ihei Award

The Kimura Ihei Award is a photography award established by the Asahi Shimbun Company to commemorate the work of the photographer Kimura Ihei. It is presented to new photographers with outstanding achievements in the production or publishing of photographs. Candidates are selected via questionnaire by people involved in photography. SunM Color prints photo collections by closely engaging with photographers to capture their creative visions and identify the most suitable printing methods. The following works, each expressing their own worldviews, have been highly regarded and won the award.

Japan Book Design Awards

Japan Book Design Awards

The Japan Book Design Awards are organized by the Japan Book Publishers Association and the Japan Federation of Printing Industries. Awards are bestowed based on an overall evaluation of the results achieved by people involved in all aspects of book design (publishing, printing, binding, formatting, design). Many books SunM Color has worked on have been recognized by this award for their unique approach to bookmaking, including ingenious methods of binding and processing, alongside meticulous attention to materials, color, and printing.

Innovation Print Awards

Innovation Print Awards

The Innovation Print Awards are a contest held in the Asia-Pacific region by Fujifilm Business Innovation Asia Pacific. They recognize printed works created using digital printing technology.
SunM Color was a double winner for the art collection SUN BOOK by YOSHIROTTEN. The book was highly regarded for its printing, which brought out the full color performance of the Jet Press, and a unique book design featuring a cover with a metallic feel and foil applied to page edges. As a result, the book won both the Best Innovation Award (Inkjet) and First Place in the Art Product Category in 2023. SUN BOOK also won the Gold Prize in the Book Printing - Inkjet Category of the Asian Print Awards, a contest for printed works held every year in the Asia region.

List of Awards


Uda kesho

25th Japan Self-Publishing Culture Awards, Graphic Category, Category Award

The Walk of Kukai, Calendar 2023

Sublima+ Contest 2022-2023, Calendar/Poster Category, Silver

Masayuki Kojo 10

Sublima+ Contest 2022-2023, Photo Book / Booklet Category, Jury Special Prize


Yuki Iwanami Threads in the Dark

4th Irie Taikichi Memorial Photo Award

Jun Imajo forward

54th Japan Book Design Awards, Tokyo Governor Award

Chikuunsai Tanabe IV GATE

Sublima+ Contest 2020-2021, Photo Book/Booklet Category, Silver


Chojo Wazakurabe no Zu

60th Public Sign Art Exhibition, Wakayama Prefectural Governor Award

Assemble! World Masters

60th Public Sign Art Exhibition, Kyoto Prefectural Governor Award

Sun Excel Art (Printing 8K)®

Kyoto SME Technology Awards, Outstanding Technology Award

Cartier, Crystallization of Time Exhibition Catalog

Sublima+ Contest 2019-2020, Photo Book/Booklet Category, Gold


Nao Manabe Through the Waves

3rd Irie Taikichi Memorial Photo Award

Kusanari World of Plants

2nd Picture Book Publishing Awards, First Prize

Mari Katayama, photo book GIFT

45th Kimura Ihei Award


Jinan City New Business Startup Contest, First Prize


Akiko Ikeuchi Akiko Ikeuchi

52nd Japan Book Design Awards, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award


52nd Japan Book Design Awards, Jury Encouragement Award

Tale of Genji plastic bags

2018 Excellence in Flexography Awards, Bronze


Silk Road Special Exhibition: Soshin Denshin, Cloned Cultural Properties, Rebirth of Lost Time

CatalTo2017, International Exchange Award

Mina Tabuchi into the forest

2nd Irie Taikichi Memorial Photo Award

51st Japan Book Design Awards, Japan Book Publishers Association President's Award

Mizumaru Anzai ON THE TABLE


Transmission of the Tea Ceremony: History of the Ten Artisan Families of the House of Sen

Sublima+ Printing Contest 2016, Photo Book/Booklet Category, Gold


Shinro Otake Okusoku: Velocity of Memory, Special Edition

48th Japan Book Design Awards, Jury Encouragement Award

JP System Solution each time

65th National Calendar Exhibition, Executive Committee Encouragement Award

Eiki Mori intimacy

39th Kimura Ihei Award 

Poster for Tama Art University Doctoral Program Graduation Exhibition

13th International Biennal of the Poster in Mexico, Silver

Kieko Tsurusawa Lion Mask Ex Libris Collection

17th Japan Self-Publishing Culture Awards, Grand Prize

Daisuke Yokota Vertigo

PhotoBook Award, nominated

Akira Yoshimura Akira Yoshimura Works

Sublima+ Printing Contest 2014, Photo Category, Gold

Kyoko Uchida Dark Light

26th Society of Photography Award


Canon Electronics calendar

64th National Calendar Exhibition, First Category, Gold

Tokyo University of the Arts calendar

64th National Calendar Exhibition, First Category, Silver

Oji Paper calender

64th National Calendar Exhibition, Second Category, Gold; National Printing Bureau President's Award (double winner)

Tamaki Yura TOPOPHILIA: CITIES after sunrise / before sunset

Photographic Society of Japan Awards, Newcomer's Award

Masters of the Light

Sublima+ Printing Contest 2013, Fantastic Award

Taiji Matsue jp0205

25th Society of Photography Award


Yuko Murata Works of Yuko Murata

45th Japan Book Design Awards, Japan Federation of Printing Industries Chairman's Award

Hiroshi Sasaki Gion Sasaki - Theatre of Hiroshi Sasaki

Gourmand World Cook Book Award, Chef Category, Grand Prix

Oji Paper Company, 2011 Calendar

62nd National Calendar Exhibition, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award



Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award for New Artist in Fine Arts

Ken Kitano Yoyu Suru Toshi: Flow and Fusion

44th Japan Book Design Awards, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award

Masafumi Sanai Sekisha (Red Car)

Photo book award 2010, Best 24

Hiroshi Yamazaki EARLY WORKS

Photo book award 2010, Best 24

Shunji Dodo Osaka

23rd Society of Photography Award



43rd Japan Book Design Awards, Tokyo Governor Award