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SunM Color

SunM Color


Printing Division


The Printing Division is the core of SunM Color. We offer optimal printing with a total of five offset presses from Heidelberg and Ryobi MHI, and a Jet Press digital press from Fujifilm. Aside from presses, we've also adopted advanced equipment like printed image readers and printing quality control devices to improve and stabilize quality. We meet your exacting standards through the craftsmanship of our highly-experienced operators.


Ryobi MHI V3000LX 5-color machine (LED-UV specification)

Peripheral equipment

Webtec PIS3000 paper surface inspection system


PS Plate Puncher (PUNCHER)


Polar 115X

CDC Division


The CDC Division handles the prepress process, including scanning, image processing, and plate making. In the printing production process, we prioritize color management for consistent color reproduction. This minimizes communication errors about color and ensures full utilization of the color performance of each press or printer. The division's retouchers and printing directors address specific requirements with precision. We have also adopted a high-performance UV inkjet printer, a water-based pigment inkjet printer, and a Gigapixel Art Scanner specially designed for high-definition digitization of works of art. These resources are used for digital archiving and reproduction of cultural properties, and in creation of new artworks by artists. 


Drum Scanner: Dainippon Screen SG-8060P Mark II


PDF workflow RIP: Dainippon Screen EQUIOS

Sales Department


This department handles the business side of printing: from planning and proposal of printing products, to order receipt and delivery. It also handles the production of printing products tied to culture and art—an increasing part of our business in recent years. We have sales offices in Kyoto, and in Ochanomizu and Suidobashi in Tokyo.

Operations Department


This department manages paper stock for printing, coordinates post-printing tasks such as binding, and oversees inventory management and shipping of finished goods. It also supports customers visiting to observe the printing process.

Design Production Office


SunM Color has its own designers, available to consult on design for book production, and everything from business cards to posters.

Exhibition Room


Here we showcase projects we've worked on in the 40 years since our founding. This offers a firsthand look at SunM Color's technology and accomplishments, featuring a wide array of examples such as exhibition catalogs, photo collections, picture reproductions, and fine art.