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The following are some frequently asked questions regarding SunM Color. 
If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us via the inquiry form.

SunM Color

  • What kind of company is SunM Color?add

    SunM Color is a printing company, founded in 1984. At that time, we had one offset press, and we contracted only for printing work. Today, we are a full-service printing company, overseeing every step from planning to finished product for all sorts of printed material. In recent years, we've ventured into the art and culture sphere, producing artworks that expand the boundaries of traditional print media, and event planning/collaboration to support the activities of artists.

  • What's the difference between SunM Color and other printing companies?add

    From our founding to today, SunM Color has operated on the premise that a printing industry embracing the spirit of craftsmanship is vital for enriching the art and culture of Japan. 
We have previously handled the reproduction of many cultural properties, such as national treasure caliber artworks and historical documents. In recent years, our work with art books, including catalogs and photo collections, has garnered numerous awards. Every day, we're engaged in R&D on new technologies, striving to meet our customers' demand for top-tier printed materials.


  • Can individuals place orders?add

    SunM Color welcomes orders from both individuals and corporate clients, including companies and design offices. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for consultation.

  • I want to produce a book. How much will it cost?add

    Books come in a wide range of types. Paperback books and photo collections differ in size, paper, monochrome vs. color printing, and other characteristics. Cost varies greatly depending on the type of book to be produced, and the printing quantity. Let us know the specifics of the book you want to make. Our coordinator will help flesh out your concept.

Design, publishing, printing

  • Can you print in small quantities?add

    We have no limitations on the number of printed copies, and accept small print runs. Note, however, that the unit price per book increases if the number of copies is low. We'll provide an estimate for your review. If you approve it, we'll do the printing.

  • Can you handle everything including planning and design?add

    SunM Color has an extensive track record of planning and design. We are well-equipped to assist with your project needs and look forward to collaborating with you.

  • Can I meet directly with designers in carrying out a project?add

    If you come to SunM Color, you can collaborate face-to-face with our designers on your project. Please schedule an appointment in advance and visit us at the agreed-upon date and time. If you arrive without a reservation, we may not be able to accommodate you.

  • Can you give me an estimate?add

    Before finalizing a contract, we always provide an estimate based on the specifics of your inquiry. If you're satisfied with the estimate details, it will serve as the contract, and we will commence work.

  • Can you handle special book production techniques, like spot colors and foil stamping? add

    In addition to regular inks, SunM Color can also print with spot colors and fluorescent inks. If a printing technique or process cannot be handled in-house, we will arrange it through our affiliated companies.

  • Can you do trial printing?add

    At SunM Color, we perform press proofing using the machines for the actual job. Among the various approaches to trial printing, this has the highest accuracy but it entails a corresponding increase in costs. Other trial printing methods are available, such as lower-cost off-press proofing, so feel free to consult with us first.

Art production

  • What sort of printing can you do?add

    Artworks can be produced using a range of output methods, such as UV inkjet, water-based pigment inkjet, and spot color on-demand printing. Please consult with our printing director while reviewing our extensive collection of past examples and techniques. We provide company tours when occasion demands, or we can consult with you at your site.

  • I don't know how to produce the dataadd

    When producing a surface texture with UV inkjet, parts with higher density are raised, while those with lower density stay low. Please create data with an alpha channel, or with separate monochrome data. We can also talk with you, ascertain your needs, and do the production at our company. 
For spot lenticular, please provide the points to be changed, direction instructions, and before-after images. 
For special and complex jobs, production often proceeds in consultation with the printing director. First, give us an idea of what you want to make.

If you have any other questions, please contact us from below.